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  • 300
  • nein
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  • 500
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  • Alter – 26
  • Größe – 165
  • Gewicht – 58
Through the ages, the words and desire of impassioned lovers have transformed... -Unedited, undiluated, uninhibited -Abandon yourself to life - if you dare -And be a part of my adventure... Imagine a young lady you can truly be yourself around... A woman you can share your desires and intimate moments with... Someone who is always happy to see you, accepts you for who you are, as you are... -Imagine we are two long-lost friends, passionally embracing each other ... -Just running away from outside world and being transported into a magical athmosphere where a beautiful woman caters to your every desire .... Age: At the beautifull age of 25,I am young enough to be a girl and old enough to be a woman Height/Weight/Bra: 162cm/58kg/90DDD Body type: Curvy Eyes: Black but sometimes i wear colorated contact lens. Hair: RED medium Education: Master degree (tehnical field), Faith: I am spiritual, I respect all religions Attitude: Feminine, sophisitcated, polite, caring and sensual Interest: Reading, Orientalism, Films, Music, Opera, Travelling, Wellnes, meeting interestig people I am not smoking but i don't mind others smoking around me I like: true Gentlemen, sense of humour, kindness, good manners, open heart, seriousity I dislike / I am totally alergic to : Rudeness, Arrogance, Intolerance, superficiality, plain mind,violence,agressivity,lack of respect for other's likings or desires. Gift ideas: By far the greatest gift is a gentleman with respect and class and to spend a beautiful evening together and if you want to offer me a little gift i may suggest you chocolate, flowers or parfumes. I am sharing my personal charm only with the exquisite man, THE ONE who enjoys savouring the precious moments of indulgence, The gentleman who understands a woman's desire to be adored and explores the deepest desire with a sensual and responsive Lady. I will call it sophisticated lovemaking to achieve the goal that is a body-mind-spirit connection, To be lost in the ecstasy and to manifest the pure pleasure and joy. With my greatest sincerity and love, Anabella Be happy! Be healthy! Be merry! Be loved! Be successful!

Andere Mädchen in Abu Hail

Meera Indian Escorts
girl Nakheel Harbour & Tower
  • 1 Stunde 1000
  • 2 Stunden 1200
  • über Nacht 2000
  • Alter 20
  • Größe 166
  • Gewicht 51
  • Brust 3
girl Al Rigga
  • 1 Stunde 250
  • 2 Stunden 300
  • über Nacht no
  • Alter 33
  • Größe 167
  • Gewicht 56
  • Brust 4
Laura Fontenelle
girl Union Station
  • 1 Stunde 1800
  • 2 Stunden no
  • über Nacht no
  • Alter 23
  • Größe 174
  • Gewicht 59
  • Brust 5
girl Salah Al Din
  • 1 Stunde 2000
  • 2 Stunden 3000
  • über Nacht 5500
  • Alter 22
  • Größe 170
  • Gewicht 55
  • Brust 4